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Latest Offers

iPhone Repairs
iPhone Model Price
iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s £39.99
iPhone 5Se £49.99
iPhone 6 £45.00
iPhone 6 Plus £49.99
iPhone 6s £45.00
iPhone 6s Plus £45.00
iPhone 7 £50.00
iPhone 7 Plus £50.00
iPhone 8 £60.00
iPhone 8 Plus £65.00
iPhone X ( Hard OLED ) £90.00
iPhone X ( Soft OLED HQ ) £70,00
iPhone XR £80.00
iPhone XS ( Hard OLED ) £90.00
iPhone XS ( Soft OLED HQ ) £70.00
iPhone XS Max £95.00
iPhone 11 £80.00
iPhone 11 Pro £100.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max £150.00
iPhone 12 £160.00
iPhone 12 Mini £150.00
iPhone 12 Pro £165.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max £180.00
iPhone 13 £200
iPhone 13 Mini £230
iPhone 13 pro £300
iPad Repairs
iPad Model Price
iPad 2/3/4 Digitisers £45
iPad Mini 1/2/3 Digitiser £49.99
iPad Mini 4 lcd & Digitiser £150.00
iPad 5th Gen (2017) £65.00
iPad 6th Gen (2018) £85.00
iPad Air £50.00



If you are buying a new “Computer / Laptop / Mobile Phone / Tablet”, aka a Computer System, we will take in your old Computer System, but will give you back the Data Storage Disk (Hard Drive, SSD) where it can be removed for self-destruction, you will sign as having done so. If you want us to destroy the Data Storage Disk for you and issue you a Data Destruction Certificate, the charge for this is £40 + vat per item.

Repairs Not Completed

If you bring equipment into the store for repair, leave it for diagnostics, and decide not to proceed with the repair, you must collect this and dispose of it yourself. However, we will be happy to process it as a “New for Old” as above, but you must accept back and sign for the Data Storage Disk or pay a £30+vat disposal charge for the same. If you refuse to collect/pay for it we will issue you an invoice for payment. If you don’t make a payment, we will send it out for debt collection. Part of the Terms and Conditions of leaving us a potential repair is that you will need to pay for either the Diagnostics Charge, The Data Disposal Charge or both.


We do not process WEEE for individual component purchases, such as individual power supplies, hard drives, batteries etc. You will be provided with the replaced parts for your own disposal. However, if you wish us to process them, we will make a small charge for such as per our published scale of charges on our website and on display in the store.

Bulk Destruction of Data Storage Disks

If you have a lot of these to be processed, please ask us for a quote in the store. We have an external partner company who are accredited to handle secure waste, they collect via a point-to-point van approx. every month. We hold them securely in store until collected, whereupon they will process them and issue a Certificate of Data Destruction to us to pass on to you. We note the Data Storage Device serial numbers and them to our CRM system associated with your account.

We try our best to process most WEEE using selected partner companies, it's good for the environment and for all of us.

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